🐊🌊 SmartVent Flood Vents Demonstration

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This is a demonstration of how SmartVent works to equalize the water pressure on your foundation walls during a flood. If you live in a flood zone, it is extremely important for you to protect your foundation! Flood vents prevent water pressure build-up that can cause your foundation to collapse. Regular vents cannot relieve the water pressure as quickly as SmartVent can.

The colorful balls are part of the performance test for SmartVents- According to code, the vents need to allow debris to flow through them as big as a 3 inch diameter ball. The SmartVents also open both ways- letting water in, and then letting it back out.

Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local, authorized SmartVent installer serving all of the shore points in the South Jersey area.

View SmartVent’s explanation of their product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7T7EngHX3U


Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, cracks in your basement wall, and mold and humidity control for over 30 years in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also provide innovative insulation packages for both basements and crawl spaces.

We have the greatest patented solutions for below-grade spaces! Don’t just put a band-aid on your flooding, leaky, moldy and cracked basement or crawl space. Fix it permanently!


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