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Foundation Repair Testimonial | Ben B. was in for a big surprise one Christmas night when he came home to see a gaping hole where his foundation wall used to be! Dry Guys had to reconstruct the entire thing, and then took extra measures to ensure that this never happened again. It’s very important that you do something about the cracks in your foundation wall or the same thing can happen to you!

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Interview with Ben:

“My name is Ben. I live in Bridgeton, New Jersey. If it rained hard I’d get a little water in there, in my basement. I had to vacuum it up.”

“When I came back Christmas night, I had a section of the cellar wall that was down. I was very shocked. My basement was torn up- the wall had collapsed- brick was inside, mud, but I didn’t think the wall would ever collapse on me like that.”

“I was shocked. Hysterical. I was looking outside and I saw the streetlights and I said no this can’t be happening. It was like a disaster had happened you know? I was shocked. I was just completely shocked. I don’t have any other words but shocked. “

“My son found you guys. I had other companies but I wasn’t satisfied with the contract. So I chose Dry Guys. When we got Dry Guys staff, they treated us well. You can talk to them any time. They would answer your questions, and we had no problem. You could get a hold of them seven days a week- they would still talk with you.”

“You installed a complete wall, approximately fifty foot. They installed all of my sill plates for me. They did a very fine job, and I’m pleased to recommend them to anyone.”

“They didn’t treat me as a customer- they treated me as family. That wall they did, there’s no moisture, no anything. You tell the staff and the rest of the Dry Guys what a wonderful job they did for me and how fast it was done. They didn’t play around when they got started. I’m very pleased.”



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