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Waterproofing Testimonial | Phil A. hired another company to fix the issues in his crawl space. When they failed to solve the problem, Dry Guys came to his rescue.

Systems we installed in Phil’s crawl space: CleanSpace crawl space vapor barrier, SaniDry air purification system, SuperSump and UltraSump III systems, vent covers, IceGuard, LawnScape Outlet

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Interview with Phil:

“I’m Philip Atkinson, and I live in Maple Shade, New Jersey.”

“The humidity, you could actually feel it emerging from the crawl space. You’d wake up in the morning and you could actually smell the mildew and moisture, which is not healthy for you.”

Before calling Dry Guys, Phil had another company waterproof his crawl space with disastrous results:

“Well they came out and they were very aggressive but yet again I knew nothing and I just went with it and I was completely overcharged. And there were several things that went wrong
during the repair of it and after the completion of the job. And at the same time, they had to come back but the response time – 2-3 weeks? After I paid in full? Pretty unsatisfactory.”

“The sump pump that was put in was improperly installed. For instance there was hardly any perforation. If there was any type of moisture, or water leading to the sump pump, how’s it actually going to get in there?”

Phil shares his experience with Dry Guys after his ordeal with the previous company:

Kim Gattuso:
“You called us even after you had the work done in the crawl space. Can you elaborate on what helped you choose us as a company?”

“That’s when I went for further research. Your website is user friendly. It had some tutorials too and got me somewhat, kinda smart. So I knew I needed to call Dry Guys and have somebody come out- the experts obviously. The representative came out, we did a walk-through down in the crawl space. Following day, the rep comes out and says let me give you some reading material to get smart here- the reasons why you have to do this to either your cellar or your crawl space and I read up on it and it made perfect sense to me.”

“Ellie Smith the production manager- we really got along well. She kinda just led me through and told me what was gonna happen. Jason and the crew will be out at this specific date and time and don’t you know, an hour before Jason said I’m on the way. He’s here fifteen, twenty minutes prior.”

Kim Gattuso:
“The SaniDry air system unit, I know you were talking about the moisture and the mildew smell coming up from the crawl space and it’s been installed for a few weeks now. Do you feel the difference in the air condition?”

“Yeah. Yeah world of difference in one day. A lot of people don’t know with their foundation problems and their cellar problems… so what if someone says oh do this just throw some plastic down and put a fan in- you’re not solving the problem. No not at all. It’s a temporary band-aid and that’s it. I had a real negative experience and you guys came along, Dry Guys was the Calvary and just rescued the day.”



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