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Mold Removal, Encapsulation & Waterproofing Testimonial | Dry Guys Basement Systems aren’t just known for their professionalism and unique, patented systems. We also genuinely care about the homeowners we work with. Carol J. witnessed this first-hand when one of our foremen noticed a gas leak in her crawl space that could have caused the house to explode if ignored.

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Interview with Carol:

“My name is Carol Jones and I live in Salem County. Before Dry Guys came I used to have to skip over some water to get to the washer and dryer. That water was so old that it did have an odor. That was like a little dungeon down there. My sump pump was on the opposite side of the room so it really wasn’t picking up all the water.”

“The gas man was at my house fixing the heater. He came upstairs and said that I should have the cellar looked at because he thought there was black mold down there and I know how dangerous it is because I’ve heard stories. Well a girl at work had a rental next door and they had found some black mold in her cellar which wasn’t as bad as mine. She gave me the phone number for Dry Guys and that’s how I got in touch with Dan.”

“And Dan must have picked up on my voice of how scared I was about the mold so in 20 minutes John Mealey came, and he went downstairs, measured the whole area, came back upstairs and he was showing me the film of how they install, what they install and how the cleaning is done.”

“Well the CleanSpace it looks like a plastic- they put it on the wall, on the floor, it looks like a little apartment down there now, it looks so nice and clean. I have two some pumps- one on either side of the room and then a dehumidifier in the middle of the room.”

“I have noticed a difference in the air quality. You go downstairs and I don’t have that musty feeling or a dusty feeling going down my throat and I think that was the cause of my coughing in the morning.”

“I do have plenty to say about the crew- Jason Calvin and Zack. Jason told me to come down and he asked me if I smelled anything and I said no and he said well I smell gas. I called a gas man. We had to evacuate the house, wait until the gas man came back out to tell me what he had done. He said it was a leak in the meter as Jason had told me. I just feel that at age 76 I have a long life to live only because of Jason. The house could have blown up anytime.”

“I just wanted to thank Dry Guys for hiring such intelligent, young people that can do a job and still have good fun. All I heard was a little bit of singing from a gentleman by the name of Zack. Calvin was the quiet one. And of course Jason was Foreman. But three of them worked well together. I never heard an argument or a nasty word. I really appreciated their company in the house and knew that I could have all the trust in the world in them.”


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