🐊 Extremely Smelly Basement Totally Transformed With Waterproofing

That musty smell in your basement can be a sign of something more serious.

I can smell an open candle around my house. I’ve never had that before because it was always like some other must lingering. My name is John Rinnier. I’m from Woodbury New Jersey. My house always had this musty smell and I had no idea why.

Last year I found out I had cancer. One of the owners of Dry Guys is my friend and she came over you know just for some moral support. She came over and was like hmm let me take a look at your basement. So Kim explained everything to me and what could be done to fix it and I was like wow I’m on board. They came in two days and they did the crawl space which is a very small crawl space, I mean in height, and they did the main basement area in two days. And one of the guys even wrote my daughter’s name in the concrete.

The house smells like, not like mildew. It’s crazy though because I don’t smell any kind of musty odor at all, it actually smells very clean in here. Yes there’s no more must. I’ve been here for almost ten years and I never knew what the smell was. The SaniDry is a pretty neat thing. You know it just pulls all the humidity out of the air and you can instantly tell once it was turned on later that day the first time that uh it had changed the air in my house alone by itself.

The crew that came over was led by Anthony and he had Christian and Brennan with him and I’m friends with their father. We play hockey together. They’re really good kids and everybody was just the whole time working unless they were having lunch they were working constantly and it’s amazing what they would be able to get done in a day and I guess it’s just from knowing what they’re doing and being hard workers.

I would absolutely recommend you guys. I actually… my neighbor from over there, an older gentleman, he was interested and he came over and took a look at it and I think all these houses probably have similar problems.

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