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Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Testimonial | When Bruce started to notice foundation cracks, he knew he needed help beyond what his waterproofing contractor could offer. Dry Guys stabilized his foundation and upgraded his waterproofing system!

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Interview with Bruce:

I’m Bruce Lovelace, from Pitman, New Jersey. We knew we had a problem way back when we had the house built, which was in 1992, and within a couple months we had a storm and I went downstairs and we had six inches of water in the basement in our brand new house.

I investigated quite a few different waterproofing companies and turns out one of my photography clients was in that business so we used those folks and then we wanted to do some home improvement in the basement and we had another general contractor come in and he added to the system, but not too long after that we kind of noticed the cracks developing in the foundation. I did an incredible amount of research on what was going on and realized that our problem was a failure of the footings in the foundation. So it wasn’t urgent but it was extremely important that we get it done and get it done right.

I did a lot of research online and Dry Guys came up. I had two other companies come out, one of them was the original company that did the waterproofing and we both knew right away that this was a problem beyond the scope of what they do. The second company wanted to do some underpinning which really would have only temporarily solved the problem.

I did a lot of research on online reputation. I researched the owner Dan Gattuso of Dry Guys. I looked at his reputation, the reputation of the materials as well as the reputation from the people who had already used Dry Guys so then I made an appointment and I had John Mealey come out- he was incredibly informative and trustworthy. I was so impressed with the system of education and the quality of the products.

I called the office quite frequently with lots of questions because it was a big job. Ellie was incredibly friendly and she’s a blast to talk to. She was very honest with all the answers and everybody I dealt with was great.

What I liked about the Push Pier system was how you were going to do it because I looked into Helical Piers and that’s just a bad situation to try to do from inside a house and on the outside of the house I have a screened-in porch and deck that would have had to be ripped down so the Push Pier system was far superior.

The reason I chose the pumps that John suggested- it just made a lot of sense- I didn’t want something that was only going to last a couple of years. I also wanted that serious backup system in case we lose electricity.

What I liked about the WaterGuard system was the dig-outs. A lot of companies tend to use materials that won’t last as long and since I had done this back in 92, and then a second time about 10 years later, I wasn’t interested in doing that process again- I wanted something that was forever.

The CarbonArmor, I was a little reluctant to use it because we have no bowing, no sagging, it was strictly the foundation cracks but we didn’t want to have to 10, 15, 20 years from now attack a problem that I didn’t address right away- it just made sense to add that level of protection so that I would never have a problem.

When the work started your Foreman Jim was amazing in terms of how dedicated he was to doing it right, how willing he was to answer my questions- I was pounding him with questions all the time and he had a lot of patience for me. I really wanted to understand the process and out of all the contractors I’ve had I have never seen anybody work that hard. My neighbor’s son even said the same thing- Mr. Bruce, I have never seen a guy work as hard as that guy working on your house right now. Jim was incredible.

The one thing I want to stress is that I did a lot of research- specifically for my problem. I also researched Dry Guys- the ownership, the company atmosphere, the products, the owner of the company who makes the products, so I was really confident before John Mealey ever showed up but like I said he was just so trustworthy and knowledgeable that I was very impressed with the whole thing. It could have been a really nasty situation but they really fixed the problem so thanks to Dry Guys.



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