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Waterproofing Testimonial | Eric had a terrible flooding problem in his basement. The one pump he had couldn’t handle the amount of water coming in, leaving his basement with practically no help. After getting help from Dry Guys, his guests can’t even believe he ever had water in his basement!

Dry Guys is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We provide solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, and mold and humidity control.

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“My name is Eric. I’m from Vineland, New Jersey. I currently live in Buena, New Jersey. I moved in my house here in Johns Avenue in Landisville, Buena, New Jersey in, I think it was 2001. At the time I used to get water in the basement. It progressively got worse to the point that I would open the basement door and I would literally watch the clothes basket float by. I had just a, you know, very simple pump that was down there, basically with just a hose running out the window. I would have to go down there and go down with a push broom and push the water to the pump. So to say it was a hassle is an understatement.”

“What I liked about Dry Guys- I thought I got the best product for the right price. I had Dan come to the house, walk downstairs, it was easy to see the problem. He pointed out things that I didn’t even know about that would progressively get worse. I liked Dan’s attitude. He was just straight forward, to the point, wasn’t very pushy. He was not pushy at all. Just said the facts as what they were. This is what it is. This is what it’s going to cost. I liked his
delivery, the way he explained things, he took his time. Very friendly, very outgoing. I was very happy with him.”

“When I spoke to him he said I’ll come over, have my crew with three, four guys, whatever it was, he says should be a two day job.
We’ll be in and out cleaning up the mess. You’ll never even know we were here. I had no idea of how labor-intensive this job was. He wasn’t kidding. They came in, they banged it out, I mean dust everywhere. By the time they were done- he told me- I never even knew they were here. Excellent.”

“I remember when Dan had explained the way the WaterGuard system works versus just your traditional French drain. Just the way he explained it seemed like a much better product. After they put the WaterGuard system in, when we had Hurricane Sandy in 2012, all my neighbors around who had never got water in their house had issues with water coming in. Here’s me, dry as could be, the guy that used to get the most water ever- like I would have to put galoshes on to go down there. Not a drop.
Dry as can be.”

“The SuperSump I feel it’s a great product- I never had an issue with it, keeps the basement dry, it’s very quiet. I mean shy of being down here standing next to it we never hear when it’s on. I choose to have my SuperSump serviced every year as a, if nothing else the peace of mind. When you have a product that runs as much as it does just because the water table, the way I get it, I want to make sure it’s right just like any other product. The more you keep up on it the more you’re going to get out of it.”

“I’ve actually had people come down and say to me wow this basement, it never feels like a basement, never smells musty. Have
you ever had water down here? People actually ask me and I just chuckle because it was such a problem. Truly you had to see it to believe it on how bad it was. I can’t complain.”

“Everybody I spoke to that comes up with any issues, always asks me who did your basement- I always refer Dry Guys. That’s it. I met a couple other companies and I wouldn’t go in a different direction ever again. If I were to buy another house again one day and had the same issue, Dry Guys would be the first place I call. No questions, no doubt, I wouldn’t look at another company. If you go down in the basement, it’s all finished now.”

“Never been a drop of water since and it basically adds another 1,200 square feet of living space to my house. Now I have a big bar there, I have another sitting area, I put another bathroom in, and it’s kind of like adding a whole other level to my house but without Dry Guys making sure the water problem was corrected I would have never been able to do that.”



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