🐊 MASSIVE Project at Life In Christ Ministries, Bridgeton NJ

Dr. Comer shares his experience with Dry Guys Basement Systems when he needed to stop the water coming into his church’s basement. The building was HUGE! It took three crews to do the whole project, and Dr. Comer was very impressed by the level of organization and accountability Dry Guys showed.

Systems Installed: WaterGuard perimeter drainage system, various TripleSafe sump pumps with battery back-ups, mold removal, andPowerBraces for bowing walls and foundation repair.

Big thanks to RMR Solutions for donating a bunch of materials to the project!


We believe that the pumps had failed. Our deacons and trustees including myself was wondering how they’re gonna do this. You’re talking 5714 square feet of the lower level. It was terrible.

There were times we came in for worship and happened to go downstairs and step right into water. I kind of started the search from a friend and, Dry Guys- I saw the sign outside her- it was her mother’s home, and they were doing work there and knowing her a woman of integrity, honestly, just no way she would have had you come in and have Dry Guys do the work had she not had high reviews or high respect for your work.

Some of our members, our congregants, knew people or knew places in which Dry Guys had did work and they said the work was outstanding. We had some estimates from some other companies. We had in two of our corners in the basement- it was sinking down. The other two references never mentioning it.

If they said they were gonna be there at nine o’clock, the team, the crew, they were there. And plus they gave me an opportunity to get involved. I had my shovel. I started tearing things out. I felt a part of it. I even asked for a Dry Guys shirt. They were willing to walk me around every day at the close of the day and then go over what they accomplished. I gotta say that my lovely wife Phyllis who can smell anything she walked downstairs and she said this is good- I’m amazed!

They’re experts so I’ll be willing to have people come through and walk through and see and smell for themselves.

I’d like to give a shout out to Dan Gattuso, also to Pete Fedorkwicz, to Rich- I believe his name is Harris – Freddie – Danny – Alex – the whole crew. They done an outstanding job and I hope this is not over and we do have another building at 145 South Laurel Street. We certainly wouldn’t mind calling on you guys to come back.

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