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Waterproofing Testimonial | When Loretta’s basement had water problems, the Dry Guys Team was there for her, even after a bad experience with another company left her basement vulnerable to flooding.

Dry Guys Basement Systems is the expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for waterproofing, crawl spaces, cracks in your foundation, and humidity control for over 30 years! We also provide insulation packages.

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Interview with Loretta:

“I moved in this house in 1986. When we got torrential rain or a heavy thunder shower the water would come in one part of the basement and then I just had to walk out there, mop it up and over the years it just got worse. It went from one part of the basement to another part and then when we got torrential rain it just covered the basement. By 2009 I decided to do something about it so my brother had called Dry Guys for my stepmother’s house, she had water in the basement so I got the name Dry Guys from him and I called and I told him I don’t want anymore water coming in and so they did the waterproofing all around the basement and added the pump.”

“At that time I didn’t get a backup pump because I didn’t think, I never had a case where the power went out for three or four days. During Hurricane Irene the power went out and as soon as the power went out the water came in and we were out of power for three days. So I called Dry Guys and they came and put the battery operated pump on my pump. So far I haven’t had- one of the times the power went out during the summer during a thunderstorm and it was raining quite hard for months, for a short period of time, heavy heavy downpour, and the battery-operated pump came on right away so I had no water in the basement so I have a lot more peace of mind that I’m pretty well protected with the system and I think they probably have the best system.”

“In those two years- 2010 and 2011 we had a lot of snow- two foot of snow in a few of the storms, what happened I guess because of the freezing of the ground and the thawing the wall started to crack. Before the waterproofing was done there were hairline cracks and naturally I didn’t think much of it and then after those two years they started widening- the cracks- so I found a company- they said family business, they’ve been in business for years. I had got them to put the steel beams to try to stop the cracking and then they sealed the cracks on the inside they sealed it with concrete. What happened was I asked them questions because I said are those steel beams going to affect this waterproofing system at all and they said no so what they did, what happened was, they took large parts of the WaterGuard out so then I had to call Dry Guys back to replace it. I had to hire somebody to come-
professional cleaners to come in to get the concrete dust out because my vacuum cleaner would not have been able to do it. When DryGuys did the waterproofing that was a mess too but they had a machine that a lot of the dust they put out out the window. there was still a lot of dust but when these guys did it that basement was a mess- the last ones when they did the walls that was the worst.”


Notes in video:
Install Date: February 2009
Interview Date: May 2015

Basement Flooding
Pump Failure After Power Outage
Waterproofing System Ruined by Other Company

Products Installed:
WaterGuard System

WaterGuard and Sump Pump installed in Loretta’s basement- WaterGuard keeps the WHOLE basement dry… while our Sump Pumps keep the basement dry ALL the time!

The best way to protect your home from a sump pump failure is to have a battery backup pump and secondary sump pump ready for an emergency.

Another company installed steel beams to try and stop Loretta’s walls from bowing. The other “responsible” company ruined the waterproofing system that had been protecting Loretta’s home…and left a big mess in her basement! Dry Guys repaired Loretta’s WaterGuard to ensure that her basement stays dry.



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