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Basement Ventilation & Encapsulation Testimonial | After hurricane Sandy, Gerald G. was left to deal with all of the sitting water in his crawl space, especially after it rained. Dry Guys gave him the best solution, as well as excellent customer service.

Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, cracks in your basement wall, and mold and humidity control for over 30 years in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also provide innovative insulation packages for both basements and crawl spaces.

We have the greatest patented solutions for below-grade spaces! Don’t just put a band-aid on your flooding, leaky, moldy and cracked basement or crawl space. Fix it permanently!

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Interview with Gerald:

“My name is Gerald Giangiobbe, I live in Atlantic County, New Jersey, Ventnor City. The original circumstances that prompted
me to call the people who dealt with water issues was when Hurricane Sandy came I had a lot of standing water underneath the house, and I was concerned with mold and things like that.”

“I went and Googled people that dealt with water problems
and mold problems. I got to Dry Guys and I was impressed with their website. There was a lot of testimonials and a lot of information there- didn’t leave too many questions when you read through everything.”

“My experience with the office- if when I called, they of course answered the phone right away and they answered all my questions and they were reliable- I figured you know very professional and everything was right up-front. Friendly staff and things like that.”

“Well for beginners I have all the hurricane vents- there’s six of them- SmartVents. They put down a drainage mat. They wrapped the walls and all the piers, and taped it real good. I went under and looked at it quite a couple times, even after a big rain I went and checked and they put a sump pump in. Came out nice. it’s nice and
dry under there.”

“Well the results are that first of all the SmartVents, they lowered my flood insurance and also that the house this winter because it was done in the summer, the house this winter wasn’t… the floors weren’t as cold as they were. The temperature underneath because of the matting and the SmartVents, the temperatures stayed steady. It wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold. I’m going to guess through the summer here I’ll experience the same thing- any heat that you know would have escaped or came up to the house won’t be there. The temperature will kinda stay the same.”

“The crew guys were really good, they worked all day. It was three hot days. They got it all done. They cleaned up real good and I didn’t even know they were here. The people that designed the
system, when they came to the house, when they said they would be there they were there. They explained everything from beginning to end and their time frame and so on and so forth which was really a month out because of Hurricane Sandy, I guess there was a lot, they were really busy, but when they said they’d come they
came and they did the work.”

“They were very good, very friendly and explained everything real well.”

Notes in Video:
Install Date: June, 2015
Interview Date: April, 2016

Wet, nasty crawl space after Hurricane Sandy
Concerned with mold growth

EverLast Door

A picture of one of Gerald’s vents from the inside of the crawl space. This vent is insulated and seals out warm or cold air.

A picture of one of the vents from the outside.

Gerald’s crawl space now looks clean and is moisture free thanks to our CleanSpace encapsulation system!

Gerald’s sump pump will keep the crawl space dry ALL the time!

Homeowners whose premiums were lowered after flood vent installation had an average savings of 83% on their flood insurance policies.


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