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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Insulation Testimonial | John F. didn’t realize that the moisture in his attic was related to his crawl space. After learning how moisture in the crawl space can affect his entire home, he made it a priority to get it taken care of.

Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, cracks in your basement wall, and mold and humidity control for over 30 years in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also provide innovative insulation packages for both basements and crawl spaces.

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“My name and where do I live- it’s John in
Linwood, New Jersey. We were having difficulty with moisture build-up in the house. When we had moisture building up in the attic on the nail heads of the nails that were in the attic- in trying to research why this was going on we came across the concept of moisture in the entire house and that led me to companies that deal with such circumstances.”

“Why did I choose Dry Guys? Well it was research. It was talking to a variety of people who had opinions about this and then it was a pretty active search on the internet- first you know googling my problem and then keep referencing and referencing until I came to Dry Guys. It was a curious situation because I hadn’t thought that
the problem was resulting from the basement. I thought it was an isolated attic problem. So it turned out to be a good choice.”

“Did I find the website informative? It was. I like to learn about situations whether it’s my home or just in general and I found it very very informative. When I began the process I was very impressed in that I received a booklet- I think, a crawl space science booklet and that was fantastic. That was like a primer on
everything I needed to know about the house. So that really was a very motivating factor in continuing the process with Dry Guys.”

“My experience with the staff- it really was really really good and I say that in a very pleasant way because you call subcontractors and you call craftspeople and you don’t get a call back or they come once and they don’t come again or they don’t follow up with any information and none of that was true with Dry Guys. From the initial call to Ray coming here- we probably spent two hours together, two and a half hours together, and he was everywhere. He was crawling on his belly in the crawl space and we were talking and it was educating me along the whole process. He was very very informative, never pushy. Never well here is where you sign which I liked. We discussed options and we followed that up then with Ellie in the office. Always answered my calls. Always had an answer. If she didn’t know the answer right away it was I’ll get back to you and then Jason and the crew that actually in the
installation everyone was very professional and very courteous.”

“When Jason was here I had some cinder block pieces that were in the crawl space that were actually holding up some water pipes and Jason took it upon himself to strap those pipes to the joists underneath and to remove quite a bit of debris that was under there to make the crawl space actually look a lot like the
photos in the in the booklet and I didn’t ask him to do that and he did and it was more work you know no additional costs and I thought that was a very professional very caring gesture.”

“We had the CleanSpace cover put on and that went on the ground and up the sides and then we had the SilverGlo insulation that went above the rim joists. Have I noticed any differences? Yes. My wife has noticed it. My wife is you know a very sensitive person with
regard to the environment in the house and about a week later we’ve noticed that the floors the first floor floors were warmer than they were before. A lot of the moisture built up on the windows on the second floor had started to subside which is great. That was a problem. And the overall temperature in the house was more even, more controlled. So we have seen it. We have seen a change.”


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