🐊Crack Fillers for Sealing Cracks | Brief Overview

A new mini-series covering quick facts about foundation repair and basement waterproofing. When it comes to a good crack seal there are many options to choose from- what is FlexiSpan, and why is it an option to consider?

There are multiple ways to fix cracks in your basement. As mentioned the FlexiSpan crack repair system is the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solution for your wet cracks. Some of the other solutions that we have found is excavating from the outside. One of the reasons for why we don’t recommend excavating from the outside is that it’s very cost prohibitive. You have to get rid of any landscaping, any decks, any sidewalk that might be in the way before you excavate and then you’re simply patching from the outside which over time we have found that those patches are not reliable and you will end up with a re-cracked solution. Another way of repairing a crack from the inside would be a polyurethane injection. Again we have found in our calls that the polyurethane injections, they do not last and they will re-crack based off freeze/thaw cycles, wet/dry cycles and movement of your concrete wall does not allow them to adhere to the concrete well enough. Another solution would be an epoxy resin injection. So that’s when they take metal pinks and stick it into the crack and then fill it with an epoxy resin. So an epoxy is a very hard substance that once it’s dry, it does not allow for any movement. Well unfortunately the concrete does move throughout the seasons, throughout wet/dry cycles so those epoxy resin injections will tend to re-crack and re-leak and you will end up with a wet basement again.

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