🐊Crack Fillers: What is FlexiSpan? | Foundation Repair

A new mini-series covering quick facts about foundation repair and basement waterproofing. When it comes to a good crack seal there are many options to choose from- what is FlexiSpan, and why is it an option to consider?

Today we’re going to talk about FlexiSpan and how we can repair the crack in your wall. So FlexiSpan is a revolutionary way of repairing a crack in a poured foundation wall.

So the first step in installing a FlexiSpan crack repair system is to prep the wall. We will clean the wall and make sure any other previous attempts at fixing the crack are removed so we can have a clean space to work with.

Step 2: we will then fill the crack with a flexible polyurethane and then on top of that we put a secondary drainage which is a three and a half inch foam material that’s engineered to go on top of that polyurethane.

Lastly, we will then re-coat the area with polyurethane and smooth that out in for a nice, clean edge to completely seal the crack.

So when the FlexiSpan is installed we go from the top of the concrete wall all the way down to where the floor and the wall meet. That is where we will open up the floor and have about a 12 to 18 inch rectangle and we’ll do what’s called a dry well. So the dry well encompasses digging out the dirt that is underneath of there and refilling that area with crushed stone to act as a drainage strategy if water ever does penetrate the polyurethane sealant that is added in the crack. The water will be blocked by that foam mesh and the second layer of polyurethane and it will drain down into the dry well or drainage system if you have our WaterGuard drainage system.

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