🐊Foundation Repair for Cracked Walls that WORKS

Not all “solutions” for cracked and bowing basement walls work or are applied correctly. Hire a foundation repair contractor you can trust, someone that’s been in the foundation and waterproofing industry for over 30 years, and has thousands of satisfied customers to back their claims. Someone like Dry Guys Basement Systems, located in Woodstown, NJ and serving all of Southern NJ and parts of PA.

Watch this testimonial of customer William Sachs. His home was a typical example of what can happen to your basement walls. They were bowing and cracked. Water was coming in. He needed a solution not only to stop the water, but also to stop the issue at its source. Dry Guys provided the solution he needed, and because we’re a reputable company, he has true peace of mind with our systems installed in his basement.

William Sachs:
I bought a fixer upper house. It had walking walls, I had water in my basement, I didn’t know what to do. I thought this was gonna be a forty thousand dollar job, it was gonna break the bank. So I found Dry Guys just out of the Yellowpages. They came out, and I got an estimate. Before they came, they gave me a pamphlet telling me everything they were gonna do, all the products that they use. So when they came and gave me the estimate I was already prepared for what they were gonna tell me and what they told me was awesome. It cost about half as much as I anticipated. I even had extra stuff thrown in. I had push piers put at the end of my house just to secure it for the future so I know it’s good. My walking walls, they were taken care of with these guys. I was waterproofed. It’s actually pouring outside right now, it’s bone dry down here right now. I can’t recommend them enough. The workers were great, they answered all my questions, they talked to me every step of the way, they told me what was going on, they’re just amazing. I recommend them highly to everybody.

Systems William had installed: Push Piers (for foundation settlement), Wall Braces (PowerBraces) (for bowing walls), a TripleSafe sump pump, a SaniDry Dehumidifier / Air Purifier (in conjunction with the pump keeps the basement dry as a bone!)

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