🐊Sump Pump Maintenance – Why Should I Service My Sump Pump?

Here is a TIP to make sure your sump pump lives its full life and is constantly running as efficiently as possible: Get it serviced regularly. A sump pump is like a car. It will eventually break down without any maintenance, and it will cost you more money to fix it than to service it in the long run.

“Why is my sump pump not working?” “Why do I still get water in my basement?” “How do I make sure my sump pump is running efficiently?” If you’re a homeowner with a waterproofing system installed in your basement or crawl space, you might have asked yourself some of these questions. Give Dry Guys Basement Systems a call today and we can take a look. If you have one of our systems installed please don’t neglect it. We want to help your waterproofing system last as long as possible!

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Jaynelle Summerville:

You might ask yourself, “Why should I service my sump pump?”

Well this is why.

Keep watching to find out what this ugly picture is.

Dry Guys Basement Systems only installs Zoeller sump pumps, the best in the market, but even the best sump pumps are like car. Without regular maintenance, you’re setting your sump pump up or failure. We’re going to show you what happens when you don’t service your sump pump.

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We installed these Zoeller pumps in 2007. This footage was recorded in 2014. The pumps are part of our TripleSafe sump pump system with a battery backup. For seven years they never received any maintenance. Over the years there was a buildup of iron bacteria and it’s waste product iron ochre. It caused the sump pumps to fail and the drain outlets to clog. As a result, the sump pumps can barely keep up with the water in the basement. This is what iron ochre does to a sump pump.

With proper maintenance we could have kept the pumps clean and avoided all of this backed up water. The backed up water caused mud to form, leading to a clogged sump pump. It took over eight days after the sump pump replacement for the water level to go down. Hundreds of dollars were needlessly spent on replacing these pumps. Although service is optional, we recommend it for this reason.

Do you think servicing your sump pump is necessary? What do you do to take care of your sump pump? Let us know what your thoughts are below. Protect your investment. You should call us today to schedule a service. Don’t forget to subscribe for more information! It’s important to know how to take care of your systems. Share this video if you think it’ll help someone and like it if it helped you. Additionally, check us out at DryGuys.com and look for us on Facebook.

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