Are WALL ANCHORS reliable for FIXING BOWING BASEMENT WALLS? [Advice on Wall Anchor Systems]

Are wall anchors reliable for fixing bowing basement walls? This is a mini series on earth anchor systems, what they do, and why we sometimes use them for foundation repair. Home improvement can be complicated, but not with Dry Guys!

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In order to fix cracked and bowing walls or leaning in walls a lot of contractors will use a product known as a helical wall anchor. How these differ from the Geo-Lock wall anchor systems is the equipment that is used to drill them through your wall is much heavier, much bulkier and disturbs the household a lot more. Keep watching to see the details!

Can All Metal Buildings Withstand An Earthquake?

In certain areas of the world, it is crucial to build structures to withstand the massive shock and damage associated with earthquakes. Unfortunately, science has not yet developed an early warning system that can give immediate notice when an earthquake is imminent.

Crawl Space Ventilation – Vents Below Grade

Many times a home inspector finds crawl space vents that are below grade. When that is the case, all too often ventilation is blocked and runoff water can enter the crawl space. This is an undesirable condition.

Piling – Foundations

It is a well known and accepted fact that for any building, house or concrete structure to be built well, it must have a very strong foundation and underground structural base that supports the building. This is what makes piling so important.

The Basics Of Mud Jacking For Foundation Repair

Mud jacking is one among several methods of correcting your home’s foundation. Although the name sounds funny, this is a highly effective method for making or breaking your biggest investment, your house. Read about one method of foundation repair.

Foundation Repair – Foundation Frustration Chapter 1

Some of you are thinking that perhaps the old building has out lived its intended life span, and that maybe it should be taken down. I say to you: Please don’t think that way. Think of your house or building as a living thing, after all, It is important to preserve history and keep it alive!

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