Bowed Walls? Get An Earth Anchor System.

Our Earth Anchor System (called Geo-Lock) allows you to straighten your bowed wall over time so that it looks good as new. Once your wall is in place, it will not move again.

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Now just a few feet down from where that last pipe is we saw, you can see here where there used to be a pipe but obviously they took it out. There is some blocking up here in the ceiling, if you want to take a look up here there’s still some blocking that remains but apparently this pipe has failed. You can notice here we have a cracked mortar joint, a cracked mortar joint, a cracked mortar joint, cracked mortar joint, another cracked one, another cracked one, so what’s happening is this wall is coming out uniformly and every joint is failing.

Again our GeoLock anchor will be set in this area here. We’ll cover at least three to four of these blocks and slowly over time we’ll be able to push that back in. The homeowner here has opted not to have us excavate and pop the wall back but to do it over time because obviously it’s a little more affordable and that’s fine. At least they know they have the safety and protection of the GeoLock system.

You can see over here if you want to pan to the right a little bit where the mortar covering that was put over here one time is actually blown off from the movement and you can actually see the wide gap in the mortar joint’s even more revealing here than right here because of that coating that was put over there.

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