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Home Foundation Problems and Wet Basements

Controlling water around your home’s foundation is the single most important step you can take to prevent a wet basement and to prevent foundation damage and infestations by mold and termites. This article explains the problems caused by poor foundation water control and provides tips about how to control water around your home’s foundation.

Waterproof the Basement With the Correct Supplies

Waterproofing your basement can seem like a daunting task – but it is possible for you to get the job done yourself. Just make sure you have the right supplies and directions to get the job done right.

Tips to Insulating a Crawl Space

Poor indoor air quality in the crawl space can negatively affect the air quality of the entire home. A sealed and insulated crawl space not only helps against mildew and mold growth, it also reduces energy waste, thus saving energy.

Your Homes Deck is Only As Good As It’s Foundation

We have all heard the old adage “It is only as strong as its foundation.” This particularly true with your home and the additions that you make to it. When adding a deck to your home, using helical anchors for its foundation gives you the security of a deep foundation with the ease of installing a helical soil screw.

Sump Pump Replacement Can Save Your Basement

The importance of an adequate primary sump pump should not be under estimated. Sump pumps installed by a home’s builder have the tendency to work poorly, since they generally are not of good quality. In addition, to ensure full peace of mind, all primary sump pumps should be backed up by a battery operated sump pump (AC or DC options exist). These are among the many measures necessary towards waterproofing a basement.

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