Earth Anchor System Follow-Up (After Installation)

A snapshot of our process with earth anchor systems after installation. We can straighten your walls over time with these systems, and we have many decades of experience to make sure we do it right.

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Here in the back of the home we have five GeoLock earth anchors. Here you see significantly mounted soil over each of the holes. We’ve done that on purpose due to the wet conditions. It’s been extremely wet and the soil is very, very muddy and will contract quite a bit as it dries out over the next week. Dry Guys anticipates coming back soon to re-tamp and clean up a little more but for now at least the homeowners have their yard back and the peace of mind that their foundation walls are set and not going to bow in any further. As the soil dries over time we look forward to cranking the torque on these GeoLock earth anchors, taking advantage of the gaps in the soil due to drying over time that will enable us to increase the pull-back on the walls.

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