Fix Floor Cracks Instantly With Foundation Piering!

Foundation piering for floor cracks has been around for a long time. Foundation repair can often be tricky, but we have the best patented solutions for foundation problems, and the best push piers.

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A lot of the common issues that people see are bowing or cracked walls, or a large crack going across the basement floor. You’ll see things on the outside like the brick front is actually like coming away from the house. You’ll see chimneys turning away from the house, doors that stick that don’t want to operate properly, windows that seem like they’re out of kilter within the window opening or windows you just don’t want to open and close. Oftentimes this is a very small movement of the foundation but really creates a lot of issues because a small movement at the very bottom of the foundation really opens up to something very large when you get into the upper parts of a house. So when that happens doors don’t want to operate properly where it could just be a minor tweak at the foundation level.

Well the piering system has been around for a long time and there’s a lot of companies that had what they thought were great ideas and most of them talk about the brace that fits up under the footing to hold everything up and how beefy and wonderful it is and it’s true they- there’s a lot of good systems out there, but were the failure of most all of these other companies are is not realizing that it’s not how beefy the support that holds the foundation up is, but the pier that goes down into the ground, because that weight is putting torsional twist on that pipe or that square rod, whatever is being used.

What makes us so unique besides the fact that we have extremely beefy products is that 50 years from now even though there may be some rust and corrosion, 50 years from now are at their beginning strength where most of them use a twenty year and you’re going to get some loss from rust and things like that, so 50 years from now you are at the rated strength of our products. Now for instance on our piering systems going down there is actually a patented sleeve that we have that puts extra structural support right at that torsional or the twisting load that makes us totally unique as compared to other companies.

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