FOOL-PROOF Earth Anchors For Basement Walls

A mini series on earth anchor systems, what they do, and why we sometimes use them for foundation repair. Home improvement can be complicated, but not with Dry Guys!

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Our Geo-Lock wall anchors are engineered to work in any type of soil. They’re installed by trained professionals, can be installed any time of year in any conditions, there’s less disruption to your home, they’re all galvanized so will not rust over time, you have a 75 year nationally backed warranty that’s actually transferable if they ever decide to sell the home. The next homeowner doesn’t have to worry about a thing either. The anchor plate system is 480 square inches giving it ten times more surface contact and allowing for higher capacity for holding the wall. The Geo-Lock wall anchors even have a hideaway wall anchor cover that allows for you to cover that steel plate on the inside of your home, giving an even more finished look for your unfinished or finished basement and they snap on and off quickly to allow us to come in and adjust the wall.

Foundation Repair 101 – Class In Session

Foundation Repair This article is a simulated classroom that is meant as an educational, fun, approach to problem solving Foundation failures. Foundation Problems are very serious, and the chosen repair techniques are also quite serious, but we can still retain our sense of humor, and have some fun while we examine the issues.

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