Foundation Crumbling | My Foundation Repair

Your foundation concrete can crumble, flake, and chip. It may be a product of time, but it could also mean foundation issues. Give us a call today so we can help you find a contractor in your area.

Prevent Basement Water Damage Now

If you have an old home, then it becomes necessary to check for water damage more frequent. Especially your basement needs special care. One thing that you can do is get the basement waterproofing done. For this you will require a professional help if you haven’t done this before. This will help you in saving the foundation walls of the building. For more read further…

The Truth About Basement Waterproofing

Trying to sort out all the information concerning basement waterproofing can be an extremely confusing process. What is the difference between waterproofing and water control? Why do the majority of the waterproofing companies only want to work from the inside? What is best for my situation?

Constructing a Shed Foundation

Once you decide to build the base of your shed, there are certain things that you need to verify before you actually begin the work. At the beginning you should check if there are any regulatory problems. Also you will require ascertaining with your local zone bureau if there are distance specifications to be maintained between the shed and your property. After you know all the regulatory requirements, you can decide upon the construction site.

Terms of Basement Waterproofing – Vapor Barrier

There’s been much confusion in the home improvement industry with terminology. In the basement waterproofing industry there is one objective: keep the water out. The technology needed in the basement to do this is similar, however, different

Causes of Basement Leaks

There are many reasons for the appearance of basement leaks. But no matter how different the reasons may be, they usually give you the same frustrating result. A basement leaking should not be ignored because it could ruin your house completely. It can destroy the most important part of your home which is the foundation that it stands on.

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