Foundation Repair Project [Time Lapse]

This foundation repair project in Somerdale NJ was a pretty big deal! Here’s a time lapse of a house that was unlivable until we fixed it with a new sump pump, a full perimeter system, a vapor barrier, and several I-beams to stabilize the foundation. The basement looks really good now!

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We removed the old sump pump. The floor was covered in water, so the pump wasn’t working. Our TripleSafe sump pump was much more powerful. We jack-hammered around the basement for a new perimeter system. Observe how wet the floor is. When we installed WaterGuard (our perimeter system), it fixed the water issue on the floor. Our inspection ports prevent clogging unlike a french drain system. Afterwards, we strengthened the joists for PowerBraces. We cut these PowerBraces to size for each individual basement. We put CleanSpace underneath the PowerBraces as a vapor barrier for the walls. All four walls had cracks and bowing so we needed a lot of PowerBraces despite it being a small basement. It was scary! PowerBraces hold bowing walls in place and stop them from moving- permanently while the CleanSpace works with the WaterGuard to direct water toward the sump pump.

Basement Flooring Options

When you’re planning on renovating your basement, one of the most important things you need to consider is your basement flooring. As you would like to make the living space as cozy and inviting as possible, the cold, hard cement floor which basement floorings are usually made of is not an option!

Waterproofing Your Basement To Protect Your Home

Any house can have a wet basement, no matter how well it is built. A lot of the problem lies in conditions beyond your control, such as the operation of the city sewer system or how high the water table is underground where the house is located. Therefore, it means that most houses need to be waterproofed to take care of wetness entering the house. It may be that your water problems can be solved without it costing a lot of money for labor, too.

The Three Main Types of Foundations

The foundation is the base of any house. Without a properly constructed and chosen foundation, the house may not hold up well.

Basement Finishing Ideas For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Most new home owners consider converting the basement into another living space such as a playroom for the kids or a bar for entertaining guests, but never get around to actually bringing their basement finishing ideas to fruition. This is mainly because the basement is a space that’s not immediately accessible or visible to guests, and that is why basement finishing ideas are always placed in the backburner and are looked into only after the major rooms in the house have been taken care of. However, renovating a basement space doesn’t have to be …

Waterproofing Basement Walls – Do It Yourself Or Leave It To The Pros?

If you plan on building your basement into utilized living space, you must be sure you do not have a damp basement, or worse yet, a leaky basement. If you have any moisture at all coming inside you’ll need to consider waterproofing basement walls before beginning construction. The question then becomes whether to do the work yourself or hire a professional waterproofing contractor?

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