Foundation Sinking and Settling | My Foundation Repairs

Foundation sinking and settling can cause problems if not taken care of. Get in touch with us so we can find you a contractor in your area to provide you with foundation repairs. You won’t have to worry about your foundation sinking or settling again.

Not Under My Home!

It is your home, you have the final word to what is used to repair it. Bottle jacks should never be used in foundation repairs. Yes they are cheap, so is cardboard. Your home is your most valuable asset, make sure that what is used for repairs is designed to solve your problem not make it worse.

Waterproofing Your Basement Rooms is Important

One of the most important things that you need to address in working with basement rooms is the presents of water in the basement. How do you deal with the assurance that you will not have a water problem?

Are Resistance Piers Right For Your Home?

The resistance pier belongs to a family of foundation repair products that are sometimes referred to as micro piles, push piers, or steel piers. These foundation repair products are driven hydraulically into the soil using the structural weight of the building as a reaction force.

Foundation Repair Warranties

You will see “Lifetime Warranty” or “Lifetime Transferable Warranty” or even “Longest Warranty in the Business”. What do these mean? What is the warranty worth? Are there any costs associated with the warranty? Most importantly, what warranty do I need?

Crack Monitors

Crack monitors are devices that give a recording of movement relative to each side of a visual crack. Crack gauges determine the size of a crack. Crack Monitors can be used to determine whether existing cracks are stable or still experiencing movement with a record of this movement to substantiate methods of repairs.

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