French Drain Installation Gone Wrong (Pt. 2)

Someone DIY’ed a french drain installation but did not realize that their type of foundation would not work with the project they had in mind.

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Well once again you can see I’m holding this level against the wall. The bubble is on the money but you can see I have a good inch and a quarter down here. I have at least two inches at the bottom and the center of the wall is coming in quite a bit. What’s kept this from failing frankly were these pipes and if you take a look here you can actually see the bow in the pipe. Yeah it’s under a lot of pressure, a lot of load right now. This thing is like a spring ready to release, kind of like a trap if you will. But we’ll be able to take care of that with our GeoLock anchors. We’ll hold everything in place and over time we’ll be able to straighten that wall out.

They put a French drain here which was the wrong system that helped destabilize the wall which allowed the wall to kind of twist a little bit at the footing because the footing acts like a snowshoe to distribute the weight of the house and what they did is they took a third of the footing away so when they did that this allows that wall to kinda tip and then you see the gap thing left here. This is to kind of let water travel around to the sump pump. It’s definitely a homemade system.

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