French Drain Installation Gone Wrong

Someone DIY’ed a french drain installation but did not realize that their type of foundation would not work with the project they had in mind.

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Somebody used this as a home remedy. They put a French drain in but didn’t realize they had a monolithic pour so they broke 1/3 of the footing away. So to close that gap they decided to put these pipes in kind of like this pipe for the support in the center column, the main girder, you can see they’ve blocked it at the top and you can actually see the bow in the pipe because the pipe is not structural sideways.

Pipe is structural vertically so if you’re compressing it, it has a lot of bearing, but from the side it’s just going to bend. Now you can see here this is the level- the bubble is right on the money and you can see that this upper part is still level even though the wall has pushed it away and this slid but you can see there’s a three quarter inch gap at the bottom so that pipe has got a lot of weight on it. The problem is if you can see up top in here all they did was put one piece of a 2×10 and they put 4 nails on this side and 4 nails on that side.

What they’re trying to do is transfer the load so one of the reasons it kind of stayed level was that as it started to get some pressure on it this bowed about 10% and then the load was transferred up to here which pushed the wall that way. Over here was an old stairwell and you can see this has a slight bow to it as that wood’s transferring the load across where the old stairwell used to be. They should have blocked that all the way through to the main girder which would have helped.

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