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Types of Foundations For Your New House

When building a house, there are several different types of foundations to consider. Each has its own pros & cons, so its important to understand their differences.

Pouring Cement Foundation of Your Home (As Owner-Contractor) Includes Window Bucks and Window Wells

When pouring the foundation of your home, as the general contractor, you need to have the window bucks and window wells ready to be installed as the cement forms are set up. The window bucks form the window opening as the cement is poured, and the window wells provide the metal retainer around the windows that are below ground, when backfilling is done around your foundation.

Learn the Right Way to Fix Leaks in Your Basement Floor

No one likes it when their basement floor decides to leak due to improper materials used during the building process – but many of us have to deal with it. There is a special way in order to apply the waterproofing mix that will seal it and forever fix your problem.

Are You Having Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems can be overwhelming, knowing what is available is half of the battle. In medical communities the saying is “cure the disease, and then treat the symptoms”. This applies to foundation repair also, we need to find out what is causing the problem, why is it causing a problem and then finding a solution to the problem.

Checking the Building For Square

By measuring the foundation diagonally from each corner, the measurement should be exactly the same. If it isn’t, the building is out of square and should be adjusted before the concrete is poured. This measurement should always be checked before you get too far along in the form building process.

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