How To Not Get Surprise Fees In Construction

We’re going help you learn how to not get surprise fees in construction. Avoid surprise fees by asking 8 specific questions. Don’t get surprise fees! You don’t have to go through that!

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You need to get a full, complete bid for your project. What this means is, you need to know exactly what you’re paying for with this contractor. You want to know if labor is included, what materials are included, what permits are included, what your expenses will be in total. This will limit you from having surprises at the end or even during your project. It also allows for you to adjust your project accordingly to reduce some of those costs. If you need to make changes to the original quote, make sure those changes are documented and signed. There should also be information on any warranties or guarantees that the company offers. Hold onto your agreement until after your warranty has expired just in case you need to seek legal action against the contractor. Also clarify if you’re getting an estimate or a quote. An estimate, is literally just an estimate. It’s a guess on what things are gonna cost. You might end up paying more than what you had expected. A quote is fixed, and there is no guessing. If the company doesn’t want to give you a fixed quote don’t hire them. If you’re considering doing business with Dry Guys and would like to ask us any of these questions or even more, our system designers will be more than happy to answer them when we come out to your home to inspect it and give you a free quote if you’re the homeowner.

Why Choose a Pier and Beam Foundation?

Two foundation choices that a new homeowner should be aware of are slab-on-grade foundations and pier and beam foundations. The two are quite different when it comes to construction, cost, and longevity.

Who Is A Waterproofing Contractor?

A water-proofing Contractor is one who is associated with the National Association of Water-proofing and Structural Repair Contractors committee and such association is an extremely professional trade association that serves the consumers with difficulties of maintaining corrective measures to control unnecessary leakages and cracks in their godowns; home under-ground spaces; etc. The foundation repair industry dealts with such circumstance. The house basement waterproofing is systematically and efficiently managed by such contractors as the part of their duty.

Mortar Repair – The Art of Tuckpointing

Fixing cracked or missing mortar is called tuckpointing. Find out what tuckpointing is and whether you are in need of this service for your home or business.

Basement Flooding & Water Removal

Do you have the flooded basement blues? Due to their nature, being underground structures, basements are prone to water damage. It doesn’t take a river overflowing its banks or a major hurricane to flood a basement.

Flexible Concrete for Home Foundations

Earthquakes are common along the Pacific Rim, Indian Ocean, Middle East, Caribbean and even Along the Eastern Seaboard. Indeed, you may not know this but there is a huge Earthquake fault running along the Mississippi River, which has rendered total destruction before the turn of the 1900s. Mexico City resides in a highly active tectonic area. North America, no matter where you live is not immune from the shifting Earth. So, why do we as Americans make our homes out of such rigid and brittle material like concrete?

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