How to Tighten Earth Anchors to Straighten a Wall

We’re always concerned about the structural integrity of your foundation as well as making your home look as desirable as possible. This is how we tighten earth anchors to straighten a wall at Dry Guys.

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 What I’m doing right now is this impact gun is gonna start pulling this plate towards that plate because the earth the way that the force is projected from the plate outside, the way the plate’s designed and just the way things are, is the plates as it gets pressure in, that pressure goes out on like a 45 or like 50 degree angle or something like that so it’s increased, it’s not just the weight of the dirt right in front the plate. It spreads out and relies on itself. So as I tighten this bolt up that plate’s not going anywhere. This plate’s the one that moves and this plate will pull the wall back.

So what I’m going to do, this is an impact gun. It’s set to you know 80 pounds or 150 whatever an impact gun is but I’ll start to see it as it slows down, as it’s turning, that means it’s getting a little closer to 80 pounds and it’s getting real tight. So as this slows down you’ll see it turn real fast and then when it starts doing that I’m going to let go and I’m gonna grab my torque wrench which is set to a specific amount of pounds- 40- I’ll do 40, and then I’ll do 50, then I’ll do 60, unless I see something happening, some trouble with the wall that the wall can’t take all this movement at once. I’ll put her all the way up to 80 and I’ll do that with the torque wrench but I’ll tighten her up with this just to save me an hour. You see that? How it started to slow down? You see the same thing on this.

And then because we are technically a remodeling company, and this is somebody’s home, we’ll make sure this is flush and level. I get to go home at the end of the day. These homeowners are going to have these plates on here for 20, 30 years. Maybe their kids will inherit this home. If these are crooked when I leave them, they’re going to stay crooked.

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