How We Fix Frustrating Wet Crawl Space Problems

Here’s how to identify wet crawl space problems and how to fix them with Dry Guys. We do crawl space encapsulation and crawl space foundation repair, and we’ve helped thousands of customers for over 30 years!

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Well in crawl spaces- and we do have quite a few here in southern New Jersey- there’s a lot of problems that are a combination of moisture and combinations of the ground not being stable enough underneath.

So obviously one of the first signs a homeowner’s going to notice because the average guy quite frankly doesn’t crawl around in the crawl space too often, especially after a rain, I mean we’ve heard “Oh no it never gets wet down there.” But who’s going down there after a storm to look you know? It’s just that simple. So make a long story short you can definitely see problems when your floor has a tendency to have a bow or a dip in it or you’ll see some separation of the floor in the wall. Again you have the same thing with the doors and the windows not operating properly.

Now again it doesn’t always mean you have to do foundation work. It could be something as simple as maybe putting a couple of support jacks you know under your main foundation beam to raise it up and stable things out again. We have a great option for that often times we can do you know PushPiers if we have to literally lift the foundation up.

Besides the repair work that we can do on the foundation, if it’s moving, we can also sister joists for you because over time with all that moisture they have a tendency to soften, to bow and it just gets oftentimes just a bad odor in the house just from all that moisture that’s coming up into the house.

Because of our relationship with Basement Systems, we have a great option as far as lining the crawl space and encapsulating and isolating all that damp moist air from your wood in your foundation along with your house in general.

You see, fifty percent of the air you breathe upstairs comes from your crawl space so- or your basement too- so if we can get that air clean and dry it’s that clean, dry air that’s now coming upstairs. That dry air is also helping all your floor joists, your main girder beam, because that moisture will tend to allow it to kind of sag down over time and without that moisture the wood has the strength that it needs. So there’s a lot of great options we have for crawl spaces. It is a large part of our business. It’s amazing to me that in the state of New Jersey they are still building houses with dirt crawl spaces but we have a solution for that.

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