Introducing Our Basement Waterproofing Company [Dry Guys] [2010]

Our basement waterproofing company is the best in the NJ and PA areas thanks to our relationship with the Basement Systems Network, founded by Larry Janesky. Dry Guys waterproofing is owned by Dan Gattuso and is an excellent home improvement company when it comes to your basement or crawl space.

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Dan is a waterproofing professional with many years’ experience in fixing wet or damp basements and crawl spaces. Dan and his company have fixed hundreds of homes throughout South Jersey and Delaware. Dry Guys Waterproofing takes great pride in its work and really cares about their customers and the community.

Our field technicians are basement consultants who assess problems and discuss homeowners’ needs and goals. We provide free written estimates for homeowners to go ahead and get their basement or water problems fixed. Our production teams are dedicated installation professionals and each crew is led by a very experienced and trained foreman. President and company owner Dan Gattuso is thoroughly involved in day-to-day operations and keeps communication flowing between customers, field reps, and the production department.

Dan has a ton of integrity. He does what he says he will, when he says he will. He cares about the products and services his company provides and works tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Dry Guys Waterproofing is a member of the National Association of waterproofing and structural repair contractors and is certified with the National Association of remodelers. It’s our company’s commitment to 100% total customer satisfaction that has our customers regularly recommending us to their family and friends. If you ever have a problem you call us and we’ll be there to take care of you.

Dry Guys Waterproofing is a fine company with a great reputation. Customer service is very important to us and as an added measure of assurance for our customers your transferable warranty is backed by Basement Systems’ international office in Connecticut.

Basement Systems develops new, innovative, cutting-edge solutions and products for use by all the dealers in our network. We have dealers in 46 states and across Canada, England, and Ireland. We work closely with all our dealers developing and sharing the best practices in our industry and communicating them back out to everyone in our dealer network.

Our R&D department takes ideas for better ways of fixing wet basements from prototype to production. Our warehouse is stocked with plenty of inventory to ensure we have what we need for you and our shipping department keeps our products moving to each dealer to meet their production needs. Our marketing department keeps a clear message to our customers. We have a new construction division that helps builders keep brand new basements dry and a CleanSpace division that helps keep crawl spaces dry and healthy.

Basement Systems is serious about training. We have a large training facility where we have programs and displays that continually train our employees. We have a convention area where over 350 waterproofing professionals from our network gather every year to stay on the cutting edge of new practices and technologies in our industry. Dealers in our network are committed to continue their education and training to get better at what we do for you.

Basement Systems is recognized on a regular basis as an expert and the industry leader by business and media organizations. In 2002 Basement Systems became only the third company in our state to win the prestigious breakthrough quality award. We have been awarded 19 patents and 13 innovation prices on our inventions. We have been the proactive leader in our industry. We have written many articles that have been featured in Fine Homebuilding magazine and other leading trade publications.

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