Introducing Our Basement Waterproofing Company [Dry Guys] [2015]


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A two minute overview of the Dry Guys team, services we provide, and our facility.

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Kim Gattuso:
“We’ve been in business since 1986, we are a second generation family-owned business. The owner actually works on the business not in the business. He has field managers and managers for different sections of the company in order to handle that.”

Dan Gattuso:
“Our whole goal is to Wow our customers through the entire process because frankly you know fixing your foundation or waterproofing or fixing your crawl space or mold issues honestly is a scary process and we want to try to minimize that for our customers because again we’ve earned that trust. As part of the Basement Systems network, you have, between that and Foundation Supportworks, we have 450 dealers and six nations that we literally lead the industry. Everybody chases us, so because we set the bar that gives our homeowners the confidence to know that with all the patents that we have which I think currently there’re 32 patents, it gives them the assurance and the comfort to understand that we’re not just “Chuck in a truck” or “Pete in pick-up” out there to grab your money and run.”

Paul Taylor:
“The service process here at Dry Guys is amazing. We are proactive and constantly want to check on your system because we know you paid for a solution and you know we want to make sure that that solution is working” for you at all times.

Elliot Gattuso:
“We know the geographic areas that we work in. This is all we do every day and whether it’s a nasty crawl space or a failed foundation or a leaky foundation we are going to know exactly what’s causing it, exactly how to fix it, exactly what it’s going to cost.”

Ian Gattuso:
“Our foundation and structural repair products are top of the line. They’re all hot dip galvanized so they’re going to resist rust more than any other products on the market.”

Kim Gattuso:
“So if you have a wet basement, a nasty crawlspace, humidity or mold issues, or are in need of foundation repair and recovery, call Dry Guys. We are absolutely able to help, we’ve been doing this for 30 plus years. Go to, there’s plenty of information there. Call us. We’ll help you.”

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