Moving and Shifting Foundation | My Foundation Repairs

Watch for these signs of a foundation that is beginning to move and shift. If you notice these signs around your home or business, call My Foundation Repairs. We’ll help you find a contractor in your area!

Why You Should Address Foundation Waterproofing Before You Build

Foundation waterproofing ensures a drier and healthier usable living area. I have never encountered a wet basement, crawl space, or foundation condition that wasn’t capable of being resolved.

What You Need to Know About Foundation Walls

Foundation walls are the same basic principal as retaining walls. Foundation walls are set up and poured the same way. Foundation walls are notorious for letting moisture from the ground seep in through the mortar joints, block or even concrete.

The Importance of Adding a Basement Egress Window

Adding a Basement egress window can transform your basement into a warm, inviting space, along with adding a little light. Having an egress window installed, will expand your home’s living area and bring new life to the underappreciated basement.

Clay Footer Drain Tiles – a Danger For Basement Waterproofing

Traditionally, basement waterproofing footer drains were made using clay tile, which worked well at the time. But if your house is several decades old, these clay footer drain tiles may be losing their effectiveness.

Improper Basement Waterproofing Can Make Your Problem Worse

Every year, thousands of more homeowners discover that their aging home is beginning to experience some form of water damage. Over the years, the steady pressure from surrounding groundwater can slowly cause havoc for your foundation walls, eventually causing cracks, mold and mildew. And while some homeowners have plenty of warning when it comes to potential flood damage, there are always some every year who are taken totally by surprise after a heavy rain.

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