My Foundation Repairs has Been There

My Foundation Repairs has been around for over 10 years online. Providing answers to homeowners about foundation problems has been our goal from the start. This video is from years ago, and our phone number has been updated to888-611-1527, but our goals are still the same! You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, AND HELP!

Foundations – What You Need to Know

Foundation types and what they are used for. A summary of the main types of foundations and where they are used.

Foundation Repair – Pressed Piers

Find out which piers are better over time, how to protect against lateral movement in the soil, and how you may save money on your foundation repairs. This article tells about the pros and cons for various pier types and will help you to find a service provider in your area providing the quality you deserve.

A Simple Guide to Waterproofing House Foundations

When it comes to your waterproofing house foundation technique, it is important to note that special care needs to be taken as you work through the waterproofing process. Many people simply don’t know that concrete absorbs water and think that, as long as their foundation is solid concrete they won’t have to worry about water damage. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Concrete Waterproofing – What You Need to Know

When you think about concrete you most often think that it is a barrier to most everything. The truth though is much different, especially when it comes to water. Here’s a look at concrete waterproofing and what you need to know to protect your home.

Waterproof Paint – Is it the Right Solution For a Dry Basement?

Having a basement in your home can provide an excellent area to increase your usable living area. The biggest issue with most basements is keeping them dry. Here is a look at using waterproof paint as a simple method in keeping the moisture out.

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