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Hear what past customers have had to say after using My Foundation Repairs to find a local contractor. Cracked Walls? Bowing Walls? Water in your Basement? We have you covered – call 888-611-1527!

Solving Issues With Crawl Spaces – Crawl Spaces Pt 2

First major issue is circulation. The circulation in this case, typically because there aren’t many pored floors in crawl spaces is the circulation can cause mold to grow faster ….

Foundation Repair – What to Look For in a Contractor

If you think that the foundation of your house needs work, it’s important to understand the differences between a quick fix and a permanent solution. It’s also critical to know how to select a contractor you can trust.

Waterproofing Contractors All Look the Same – How Do I Pick a Company?

If you’re standing in the middle of a pile of papers, brochures and handouts, inspection sheets and business cards, you’re not alone. Many people feel not only overwhelmed by the sheer number of people doing basement waterproofing all over America, but are overwhelmed by the details that go into a job like this. People get strung out on quality vs. price, marketing and internet related posts. But the question boils down to: How Do I Pick a Basement Waterproofing Company to fix my Wet Basement Problem?

Waterproofing Contractors All Look the Same – How Do I Pick a Company? Pt 2

Sometimes it takes a little work, but a little research can go a long way into finding the right company match for you. Many people find that Google, Angie’s List, and the BBB are good starts.

Wet Basements – Basement Waterproofing Companies Agree!

When you have a wet basement, a moisture issue, cracks, leaks or other basement issues, there’s one thing all basement waterproofing contractors agree on: You need to take care of your basement’s issues. The dispute comes from how to go about doing it. Another thing most companies agree with is that Open Backed Systems don’t work.

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