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For a select handful of states across the U.S., sinkholes are a serious problem. But don’t worry, we have a network of professional sinkhole remediators across the country. Contact us today!

Choosing the Best Basement Waterproofing Products

Thanks to significant technological advances over the past few decades, basement waterproofing products have become much more effective and affordable than ever before.  High-tech drain video cameras, locating devices, waterproofing paint and other coating compounds have made basement waterproofing a much more exact science.  If you have the funds to do so, it is possible today to completely waterproof any basement with the right products.

Five Reasons to Maintain a Dry Basement

Why bother fixing a basement leak, right? Aren’t basements supposed to be dark, dank and stinky? Of course not. Here are five reasons to maintain a dry basement, free of leaks, black mold and condensation.

Ventilation is Crucial For a Dry Basement – Whole House Air Exchangers Help Waterproof Your Basement

Damp basements can create health and structural issues in your home. Ensure optimal function of your basement waterproofing system with a whole house air exchanger!

Foundation Repair – Bottle Jacks Are BAD!

For many people foundation repairs are a necessary evil when they are having settling or heaving problems with their home. Most are not up to speed on the technical aspects of structurally repairing their homes basement or foundation, so they look through the phone book or go online and look for a repair expert in their area. With little knowledge or research a foundation repair contractor is chosen based on price or convenience.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Basement

The movement to go green and conserve has gained momentum and attention to the point where the federal government is offering tax credits to homeowners and businesses that make improvements to their property using green products and reducing their carbon foot print. The idea of going green is not new, but technology and science have heightened awareness in our recent history. In an effort to reduce our footprint, we are making improvements to our homes such as better roof ventilation, energy efficient windows and doors and higher efficiency HVAC and filtering systems.

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