Stop Water In Your Basement Forever With Dry Guys

Learn how to stop water in your basement- yes, FOREVER- with Dry Guys Basement Systems. We have innovative systems that are a cut above the rest!

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Besides basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation we also do quite a bit of foundation repair and humidity control systems. We can help if you’re finishing your basement with some proactive products and make your basement carpenter ready so that you’re not gonna have an issue with mold in the future.

The real problem with a French drain is it can do as much damage to your foundation as the problem it solves. We see quite a bit of footing shift and undermining because of French drains we see a huge amount of humidity problems and mold issues. The other big advantage with WaterGuard is the fact that it’s designed to rest on the footing encapsulated within the floor not in the mud like other systems. This system is guaranteed never to clog. We also have inspection ports that we can put in the system that allows you to just lift the small lid on your floor and look inside and see what your system is doing. You know there’s so many times people are just unsure that have existing French drains that we have to service for them and they really don’t know what’s going on and we literally have to break the floor open and pull the pipe apart so we can look and see what’s happening. One of the great features of the WaterGuard is the fact that you know you just pop a little lid and you can see inside that system.

A standard sump we have is called the SuperSump. What’s nice about it I mean we’ve seen a lot of plumbers install sumps and they don’t understand about putting over a hundred 1/2 inch holes and a large stone bed to allow that water to quickly get into your sump. A properly installed sump will actually lower the water table 15 feet in all directions and that’s a real plus when you’re trying to keep the water from you know causing damage in your house. We’ve taken this a lot further. Our standard sumps have alarm systems, pump stands, airtight lids. You’re not allowing radon gas or moisture or bacteria back into your home and it’s sturdy enough you can step on and not have to worry about breaking an ankle or god forbid one of your children falling in and drowning because this is a real worry in our industry but they’ve set the bar even higher and the TripleSafe sump is by far the premier pump in the industry with a total of three pumps that guarantees you to be dry all the time.

Your basement, it’s always going to be subterranean so even with a waterproofing system, that moisture that’s in the sand or in the dirt that’s around your house is gonna seep into the house through the block just in the form of vapor so there’s a lot of things that can be done. We have some great vapor barrier systems that can be installed. The ThermalDry wall is great if you’re planning on finishing your basement because this way you know we make sure that the carpenter doesn’t create a problem for you.

We have humidity control systems or basement air systems as we prefer to call them because not only will they do the entire house not just the basement but they clean the air down to 2 microns. Now this is important because the number one allergen in the country is the fecal matter of dust mites and their fecal matter is obviously 2 microns so we even clean that out of the air and the SaniDry is such an efficient unit that we’ve literally had people in tears calling our office thanking us because their kids no longer need allergy shots. That’s pretty neat.

The average waterproofing company is going to give you a lifetime warranty and with that lifetime warranty it’s only as good as them being in business for a lifetime. Quite a few of our competitors have disappeared lately, it’s kind of funny how that happened, but with basement systems it’s a life of the structure warranty and as a deluxe dealer it’s also nationally backed so if anything ever happens to Dry Guys it’s just a matter of calling headquarters in Connecticut and they will bring another deluxe dealer to come service your system until they set a new deluxe dealer up in the territory and that’s really exciting because in our area there’s been at least 15 waterproofers that some have been in business as long as 38 years are now out of business. So what good is that lifetime warranty if they’re holding it in this hand and there’s nobody at the other end on the phone? It makes no sense. So you know Basement Systems has gone substantially further.

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