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Do you know the difference between structural and non-structural cracks? It can be useful. Either way, we can help you repair them. Contact us so we can find a contractor near you!

Flood Barriers – So That You Don’t Get Caught Under Water

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding then you need to ensure that you protect your home and your assets.  Floods are very devastating events and can cause significant disruption if you are not prepared for them.  This article will step through the available strategies you can use to minimize flood damage.

Basement Water Problems – There is Hope

If your basement is wet and damp there is hope to remedy the problem. Moisture or water in basements comes from two sources. The major culprit is ground water which is the water from the exterior getting into the basement. The second and less severe is high humidity levels in the basement that form condensation and water vapor.

French Drain Innovations For Your Foundation

French drains are the most common draining systems that individuals have installed around their homes. This is because it is a very versatile system that is successful in making sure water stays away from foundations and goes where it is supposed to go, which is away from your home. However, French drains have come a long way from just being ditches with gravel thrown into them.

How Installing a French Drain Impacts Your Foundation

A French drain is simply a ditch that is covered with gravel or rock so that water can be led away from a specific area. In this case, the area that water is being led away from is the foundation of your home. There are also other methods used in French drains. For example, hollow pipes may be installed along the bottom for the water that seeps through the gravel. That way the water does not seep into the ground.

Flooding and the Weather Are Weakening Your Foundation

Did you know that flooding and the weather are weakening your foundation? If you were not aware of this, simply take a look at your foundation and see the small cracks that are starting to appear. Then again, the cracks may have been there for a while and are causing more damage than what you can actually see. Eventually, extensive damage can be done to the home if the foundation is not repaired and if measures are not put in place to keep it from weakening again. A lack of preventive measures can cause you to spend a lot of money over time on foundation and home repairs.

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