The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake – Foundation Repair Tip of the Day #171

For #ThrowbackThursday we wanted to shake up our #FoundationRepair #TipOfTheDay and bring you a history fact of the day! Today Justin joins us to discuss the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake that hit the bay area 113 years ago today.
Did you know that the 1906 earthquake happened in the Bay, but could be felt as far north as Oregon, as far south as Los Angeles, and as far east as central Nevada?
Measuring 7.7-7.9 on the richter scale, the quake led to the destruction of over 28,000 buildings in the city and left more than 200,000 people homeless… at the time, almost half of the city’s population were left without a home!
The devastation of the earthquake is often misunderstood, and much of the damage was caused by fires directly following the massive seismic event. City officials even blew up buildings in the line of the fires with TNT, which ended up helping to fuel the fires.

When was the last time you felt an earthquake?


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