The Cost of Foundation Repair – My Foundation Repairs

The costs of foundation repair vary as much as the potential problems. Each situation is unique. Our website is geared toward helping educate you on the potential problems such as bowing walls or sloping floors. Then we can help put you in touch with a Certified, local contractor. They offer free estimates to homeowners and may have financing options available. Visit to learn more or call 888-611-1527.

An Expensive Lesson in Basement Waterproofing

We recently learned an expensive lesson in why its important to pay attention to all the details of water protection for your home and basement. About two years ago we had a big rainstorm, receiving 6 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. At the time we didn’t have any gutters on the house as we were getting the facia redone and didn’t have the money to replace the broken gutters. So we ignored it for a while. Wrong decision.

Foundation Waterproofing – What You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that water is your home’s worst enemy. The damage it can cause your foundation, basement and eventually the entire structure is enormous. This makes foundation waterproofing a sound decision. Here’s a look at what you should know.

Working With a Basement Contractor

Basement construction can be a difficult endeavor and that is why people run to basement contractors for their renovation needs. The basement is a tricky part of the house to work on and not everyone is a handy do-it-yourself type of person.

Basement Waterproofing For the Safety of Your Home

If the foundation of your home is a basement, then you are in need of basement waterproofing. It only takes a couple of inches of rain to completely flood a basement and that would destroy anything that you have in your basement and would weaken the foundation of your home. These are things you need to safeguard against, and here is how you can do just that.

Digging a Basement Yourself? Read This First

Want to save money by digging a basement on your own? Well there are a few things you need to consider before you get out your shovel and dig.

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