The Negative Effects of Bowing Walls

The negative effects of bowing walls aren’t always immediately apparent. They sneak up on you over time and can wreak havoc on your home- including your plumbing.

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Well here’s another example of another support going bad. We’re in the back side of the house here. As you can see if you look closely right in here you’ll actually see where this pipe used to be up against the cement but the wall has moved so much it’s actually pushed the pipe out of place. Now this one as you come up you’ll see does not have a bow in it and the reason it doesn’t have a bow in it is when we get to the very top you’ll see that there’s no blocking at all up at the top so basically what’s holding it in is the little bit of cement that’s on the floor so it’s not doing much.

What’s really interesting, I don’t know if we get a shot of this, but this pipe right here runs across to the septic system, you’ll find is actually pushed out. The plumber didn’t do this. This has been pushed out over time. This used to be back here at one time but this wall has accelerated to the point where it’s put about a four-inch bow into this pipe. You can see it’s contact on contact. Right and it’s tight. It’s not a happy pipe. It’s going to get free soon. So again with the Geo-Lock Anchors we can definitely help that situation quite a bit.

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