The Secret To Fixing Bowed Walls- This Earth Anchor System

Geo-Locks are the earth anchor system you need for foundation repair. Dan Gattuso, owner of Dry Guys Basement Systems, explains how to fix cracks in your basement walls using Geo-Lock earth anchors. He also explains what some of the causes of foundation problems such as basement floor cracks are, and how you can find foundation problem signs even if you have a finished basement.

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A lot of houses we go into- the basements are already finished so unfortunately a lot of the movement in walls is hidden behind paneling or Sheetrock but oftentimes you’ll notice even in the paneling you will actually see a bow in the wall sometimes. Or you’ll see some leakage and some silt on the floor where some silt has come through a crack or a bow in the wall as a leaking onto the floor. Now if your basement is not finished obviously it’s very easy to see a horizontal crack or vertical or stair-step cracks. These are all indications of some forms of movement.

You’ll see cracks diagonally in a corner a lot of times in the floor of a basement where the settling has occurred, where the floor just gave out because it can’t just hang from imagination if you will. When the back-fill of the house saturates and I call it a moat actually because it does fill up like a moat, but as that saturates you know with a lot of rain or stuff like that or snow melting off and then there’s another quick freeze now it’s like an ice jack just pushing on the walls, causing them to bow, pushing at the mortar joints, creating water leaks, creating all kinds of other problems.

The Geo-Lock is less disruptive to your foundation than other methods. Our Geo-Lock anchor is literally is a plate that is out in the ground anywhere about 12 feet away from the house. We dig a hole, we put a plate in there, we drive a rod all the way through the outside and we plate both sides and we can literally pull your wall over time back together or if we excavate we can put it together usually the same day.

Now what’s unique about it? My goodness, it’s, we have different sizes for different situations so we can right size for whatever your application is. You know we know that there’s different situations and it calls for different things. We can put a standard anchor out in the yard or if we have to be a little more shallow we can put a larger anchor that grabs more soil or even something even bigger than that. We have options inside, outside. We actually have a cover for our anchors, so it doesn’t look like you the Frankenstein neck bolts all over your wall. It’s nice and smooth and it’s attractive.

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