Understanding Block Foundation Cracks | My Foundation Repairs

If your foundation is cracking, consider calling us so we can find a contractor near you. You’ll get a free inspection!

How to Choose a Basement Contractor

If you have illustrations, an idea or layout, then you have the data the basement contractor bidding on the task could use in organizing a presentation. The contractor should inspect the basement to be redone and analyze your requirements and preferences.

Don’t Let Water Ruin Your Finished Basement – Take Preventative Measures to Keep Your Basement Dry

There is nothing worse than hearing about a homeowner who has completed their basement remodel only to have it flood during a heavy rain storm. Finished basements are susceptible to minor water seepage and in more serious cases flooding. There are several simple remedies that we recommend to homeowners to try and prevent these occurrences.

Wicking – Basement Waterproofing Concept and Definition

In hopes of clearing a few terms up this is a part of a long series of exploring and explaining concepts in Basement Waterproofing. Wicking is typically a term we only hear about with candles. However, because of the way water works our walls in the basement can actually wick water up them! Find out how this happens and what can be done about it. If you have wet, damp, or moist walls, this is a really important concept to understand about your foundation walls.

Basement Bathroom Installation Tips For Beginners

If you don’t want professionals to ruin you when you need a basement bathroom installation you can do the job yourself if you know how. It doesn’t require that much knowledge and skills but it will require that you know the few important things of installing a basement bathroom.

What to Do With Your Basement Bathroom Floor

Need to change your basement bathroom floor but don’t know where to begin and where to end? There are just a few simple steps that you will need to take but if you don’t then you are in for a lot of extra work and a lot of extra costs as well.

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