Use Effective Wall Braces For Bowed Walls

Wall braces for bowed walls – or steel beams – are a common solution to a failing foundation wall. However, it’s precisely BECAUSE they’re so common that they are often misused, misunderstood, and can be a disaster to your basement.

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The PowerBrace is a pretty unique option. You’ve seen a lot of people put steel up against the wall and quite frankly it has been so under engineered over the years it’s just amazing to me. We have literally seen it come off the wall because they didn’t put it in properly and it just flung across and stuck into the wall on the other side because of all the weight of the earth that was pushing on it. We’ve seen them split, we see them bowed all the time and you know obviously doing the Geo-Lock anchors is one of your best ways to do it.

However you have limitations sometimes. Maybe you can’t go out because of property line issues or there may be something out there like a septic tank or something you just can’t get into so a great option is the PowerBraces. Now these are designed to be bolted into the floor, they’re bolted into the joists up above and they have the ability to continue to tighten that over time you can straighten your wall out.

See a regular steel beam on the wall if it’s engineered properly doesn’t have the ability to make that wall go back into place over time where it’s just there and it’s holding it. Now we can do that too if that’s what you want but most people when they realize they have the ability to get their wall right again that’s what they want to do. Now of course it takes some time you just can’t force it you have to wait till the soil dries out so when it dries out now you can actually move that wall and check it every three or four weeks. You’ll be amazed at how far you can move your wall back into the square where it belongs and of course our service people come out, we check the torque on it for you, make sure you’re not going crazy and overdoing it and look around for other potential problems but the PowerBrace is a great option.

We also use Carbon Fiber for when we have a situation when you have tight areas you can’t get into with the PowerBraces. So what makes Dry Guys unique as compared to you know some of the other competitors if you will is that we have multiple options for the same scenario and we’re only going to do what your foundation’s telling us is right for your house. Again I don’t want to try to do something that we’re forcing in, it’s really not the best application, that’s what makes Foundation Supportworks so great is because they give us all these options so we have every possible way to benefit you the homeowner.

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