What To Expect During a Foundation Repair Project – Tip of the Day #150

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In today’s #FoundationRepair #TipOfTheDay Brian is back to discuss what a homeowner should expect during the process of a foundation repair project. Lifting and stabilizing a home isn’t always a clean job. Our team will do a great job of keeping the jobsite and excavation locations clean, but oftentimes a LOT of dirt needs to be excavated and moved. Additionally, we must dig holes for push pier locations all the way down to the footing. We’ll keep the holes covered, blocked off, and taped off but we’ll recommend to all homeowners that they keep children and animals away from the area. Lastly, there is usually a little bit of noise associated with each step of the process. We’ll often use concrete saws and rotary hammers to excavate. Then we have our hydraulic power packs, which we use to install the piers and then lift the structure, that sound like lawn mowers. There really isn’t anything too loud or obtrusive during our typical project!

Homeowners also don’t need to worry about moving out of their home, as typically our crews are working from the exterior or crawlspace!


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