When To Use Earth Anchor Systems

A mini series on earth anchor systems, what they do, and why we sometimes use them for foundation repair. Home improvement can be complicated, but not with Dry Guys!

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We use wall anchor systems when we want to straighten the wall over time. It’s one of our best options. It can fix even severe problems like walls leaning in, a sheering block wall which means that it’s coming away from the bottom of the foundation. Wall anchors are installed by first digging a hole on the outside of your house. It’s a small hole, several feet deep. We then drill a hole on the inside of your wall about 1 inch in diameter and push a rod through out to the deep hole on the outside of your house. We will then connect it using that steel wall anchor and refill the hole on the outside. We can go around obstacles such as pipes and windows, anything that might be in the way. It’s very minimal disturbance- again there’s only a 1 inch hole that’s drilled on the inside. The outside will get a little messy because we’re digging a hole but we back-fill that and replace the sod. So there are times when we DON’T use a wall anchor system. As mentioned, we have to be able to dig outside of the active zone round your house so we need 12-16 feet away from the home. If there’s things like driveways, decks, pools in the way the Geo-Lock wall anchor will not be the solution for you.

Ground Stabilization For Basement Construction In Clay Soil

When building in clay soil, you have a few things to worry about. Most important, you will need to adjust for the actions of the soil. You don’t want to have your foundation and basement walls cracked during the first year due to moisture changes. As moisture in the soil changes expansive soil will move. During wetter seasons clay grows, during dry seasons clay shrinks. This can be seen in the soil itself if you watch the ground you will notice the cracks and shrunken appearance the ground has, especially in areas that may have had a pond or a creek.

Foundation Failure

Has this ever happened to you? One day you wake up and notice a small crack in your wall or sheet rock. Article talks about the subtle signs of foundation failure that can be seen inside the home and what can be do to reverse the problem and prevent future occurances.

Piering – A Solution to Foundation Failure

Foundation failure can be dangerous if you do not correct the problem. Article sites ways foundation repair happens and how “piering” can save your home from being destroyed by foundation failure.

Foundation Repair Contractors

If your house or any part of your property experiences foundation failure, it is not a job you want to correct yourself. In order to do this properly you would have to be extensively trained and have a fast knowledge on the subject. This article will help you find a good foundation repair specialist.

Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your House

Basement waterproofing is both an art and a science. Basement Waterproofing contractors can waterproof new or old basements. Basement waterproofing is defined as preventing water from penetrating into your basement area.

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