When to Use Steel Beams for Foundation Repair

A mini-series on steel beams (also known as i beams) for foundation repair in your basement. Are they a good idea? Are there any alternatives? What are the pros and cons? New videos every Sunday!

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So we like to use a PowerBrace if you have limited space between your property lines, if there are underground obstructions, or if you have a bowing or cracked wall and you cannot use a Geo-Lock wall anchor. When we do not use PowerBraces is in finished basements and if there are a lot of obstacles in the way that might be costly to move- sewer lines, gas lines, shelving, cabinets- whatever might be in the way. Remember we have to go up against the foundation wall in order to install it. Remember if you have a cracked or bowed or leaning wall or you feel just insecure with what you have, you can always give us a call here at Dry Guys and we can come out and do an estimate and inspection of your property and show you how to fix it, get that peace of mind back.

What Are The Different Types Of House Foundation Types And When To Use Each?

The article discusses the different types of foundations used in the US for building homes. There are three types of foundations discussed here- slab, crawlspace, and basement. It also lays down tips and advice on how homeowners and builders should make decisions about the type of foundation.

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Flooded Basements

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Basement Foundation Repair

The most common type of structural foundation damage in the basement is due to damage caused by water. There are many different reasons how water can get into the basement area. If enough water gets in, there is possibility of damage.

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